Hiroo Kawamura, Founder and President


Kawamura was founded in 1968 by Hiroo Kawamura in Kochi, Japan as a tribute to his passion for the rare and exceptional qualities of the region’s precious coral. Disabled at the age of 14, Mr. Kawamura first found work as a coral carver and later excelled as a procurer in the coral business. The story of the company begins with the production of souvenir-style trinkets and carvings, a business which expanded into the creation of Buddhist religious figures and prayer beads, all finely crafted from Japanese coral.

During the 90’s, Kawamura’s strong artisan tradition evolved into a luxury jewelry collection which has since garnered a devoted following. Kawamura has continued to enhance its legacy with global participation at prestigious jewelry exhibitions in Basel, Hong Kong, Dubai, Vicenza and the United States. Kawamura’s distinctive collections are available at select retailers, bringing the breathtaking beauty of Japanese coral to the forefront of couture jewelry design.

Kawamura coral is ethically sourced in collaboration with local businesses under the  “verified sustainable” status issued by the United Nations FAO and bears Japan EcoLabel certification.


The Kawamura Collection seeks to inspire the woman who has an appreciation for the beauty and artistry of fine jewelry created with the rarest and most precious of stones. Our coral jewels are wearable works of art that reflect a woman’s sense of individuality, self-expression and sophisticated style, each piece as uniquely beautiful as she is. The Kawamura Woman delights in making a statement with eye-catching designs, her personal aesthetic guided by the principles of an enduring sense of fashion and timeless elegance.