Kawamura is renowned for the outstanding quality and exceptional originality of their creations inspired by the most precious coral in the world.

With the greatest attention to detail, traditional Japanese techniques and master craftsmanship are interwoven to create exquisitely intricate designs that elevate the beauty of our coral to new heights of luxury.

This devotion to ancient artistry plays an integral role in composing Kawamura’s extraordinary jewels with precision and reverence that is lovingly executed from conception to creation.


The art of coral carving is a meticulous, labor-intensive craft. An intricately detailed centerpiece can take up to a month to create.

The coral material itself is unique in that it can be carved to elicit exquisite dimension, which cannot be accomplished with transparent gemstones. Working with the natural beauty of this organic material allows the artisan to enhance its expression with a sensual, true-to-life feeling.

Coral polishing techniques, which exude a brilliant luster, are a carefully guarded secret handed down from generation to generation. Aesthetic refinements are of paramount importance in coral carvings which are evaluated on the smoothness of the curves and depth of shadows created.