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KAWAMURA is a coral jewelry brand that mainly uses Japanese jewel coral.

The red, white, and pink jewel corals produced from hundreds of years of mysterious deep-sea life activities have been loved along with the history of various parts of the world since ancient times, and have been useful as amulets in the world's three major religions.

Since the discovery of precious coral in Kochi prefecture in the 19th century, Japan has become a world-class producer of the highest quality coral.
Most of the first-class products are produced in Japan, and Japan is one of the few natural gem materials in the main production area.

The beginning of KAWAMURA was the encounter with coral jewelry by the founder Hiroo Kawamura in Italy, where he traveled.

He said, "A world-famous brand was selling jewelery made from precious coral.
The design was nice, but I immediately felt that the coral we were using was of higher quality. "

『If you select high-quality Japanese jewel coral and carefully create the design and world view, you can create a world-class brand. 』

KAWAMURA, which was founded with that aspiration, has been making coral jewelry for about a dozen years.
In order to further enhance the value of Japanese jewelery as a jewel, world-famous brands such as Baselworld and Hong Kong Jewelery Show are using first-class coral and incorporating traditional Japanese techniques. We also participate in exhibitions that open stores and send out information.

KAWAMURA carefully produces jewel corals produced in Japan one by one with designers and craftsmen who have excellent sensibility and technology unique to Japan.
We are also actively incorporating design through the Japan Jewelry Designers Association.
It is KAWAMURA's mission to continue to create "Japan Made" jewelry that will be loved and passed down even if generations change, and to convey the beauty of jewelery to people around the world.

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